Looking For Amazing Spas In Boston? Here’s Why You Need To Visit WeBreathe Wellness

Now more than ever, there is a desire and a need for spaces & communities centered around holistic healing and wellness. That description only scratches the surface of what you’ll find when you enter WeBreathe Wellness. It almost doesn’t do any justice at all to call this business one of the most unique spas in Boston, because while there are some amazing spa services being offered, it truly is so much more than that.


WeBreathe Wellness, one of the most unique spas in Boston


According to Founder, Visionista, Wellness Warrior, Women’s Empowerment Ambassador, Certified Business Strategy & Mindset Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master Teacher Jenn Gulbrand, “WeBreathe Wellness is an inclusive zen retreat center where we hold space for growth & healing to occur organically. We are home to SheBreathes Balance & Wellness, women’s empowerment, education & advocacy and women in business collaborative.”

That might sound like a lot. But don’t worry—Jenn is here to break it all down for you, to share her amazing story, and to invite you into her amazing tribe of fierce, strong, supportive women.



Founder Jenn Gulbrand shares the story of WeBreathe Wellness – one of the coolest (and most welcoming) spas in Boston


“Hello Beautiful Souls!  Corporate Dropout Gone Goddess here.  I spent 21 years owning and operating a sales training business in the life science industry and found tremendous value serving in a leadership role, building and supporting a team’s professional development, and providing best-in-class customer service to our clients. I was genuinely grateful for our success however, 15 years into the role, I  began to feel as though something was missing. The business mission was worthy, it fed my family and supported my employee’s families but the role was not feeding my soul. For years, I ignored that inner voice telling me I was meant for more. I fell victim to negative self-talk and allowed those limiting beliefs to prevent me from moving forward.


“Do I have anything unique to offer?  Can I risk walking away from this secure life I have created to follow my passion? What if my dream isn’t well received by others?”

And then a very close friend was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and everything changed. Suddenly the world looked very different to me and I was reminded that we really only have today. Conversations during her battle inspired me to stop living small and start following my heart. I knew I had to find a way to recalibrate and get back on course with the life I was designed to be living.

In 2016, I bravely stepped out of my comfort zone and created SheBreathes Balance & Wellness Studio with the intention to create and hold space for women to practice self-care, experience sisterhood and be supported by a tribe of like-minded women. It was in that moment that I began vibrating on a higher frequency, helping to change lives and living a more authentic and soul-filled life.

Three years later, I put fear aside again and took another leap of faith. I released ownership of my sales training business and completely let go of what no longer served me. I stepped into solopreneurship as an Intuitive Biz & Mindset Coach and Divine Feminine Energy Worker dedicated to helping other women on their path of transformation. Two weeks before the global COVID pandemic hit, I signed a lease to expand our physical space to create WeBreathe Wellness, an inclusive retreat center for men and women to experience growth and healing. My timing may not have been ideal on the expansion but I stayed the course.

My spiritual awakening was painful at times but I know now that Source was driving me to take actions that were for my highest good so I could be of service to others. I put faith over fear and followed my soul’s calling.

Finally listening to my inner voice was what led to my healing and resulted in dynamic shifts unfolding in my life. While on this transformational journey, I discovered my deep passion for empowering women to rise up and support one another in sisterhood & community.”

The physical space in Walpole, MA that is now home to WeBreathe Wellness, allows Jenn and her team the opportunity to offer their amazing services to other women in the local community. It also opened up the opportunity for other female business owners who offer similar services—centered around empowerment and wellness—to expand and broaden their businesses as well, now having physical spaces and rooms to practice in. 


WeBreathe Wellness in Walpole, MA


Boston-area entrepreneurs, small business owners, and solo practitioners can get involved by becoming members of SheBreathes Balance & Wellness Studio (the name given to the actual network of women created within the physical studio space). Members have access to SO many amazing perks that go well beyond just being able to rent a chair or studio room. They are welcomed into a true network of like-minded people who are dedicated to supporting one another on their journeys. There are monthly meetings, fun dinner parties, professional networking sessions, co-working hours, and much more, all taking place within the beautiful and spacious studio.

“I foster communities and hold space for growth and healing,” Jenn shared when I asked her about the “why” behind her work.  “I love empowering women in life’s transitions on a consciousness path to connect with their soul purpose and manifest freedom, flow and transformation in their personal and professional lives.”

It’s pretty amazing that this kind of community has been created—by such a dedicated person, no less—and is bringing great benefits to so many women, when you stop and think about it.

So, what’s next for WeBreathe Wellness and the SheBreathes community?

I’m manifesting an off-site destination location, as an extension of the WeBreathe Center,” Jenn explained. “It will be located near the ocean where I can offer 4-5 day getaway retreats complete with farm-to-table nourishing food, education, and healing.”

Um, yes, please.


woman doing yoga on the beach - inspired by the service offerings of WeBreathe Wellness, a great spa in Boston


Want to learn more about WeBreathe Wellness or become a member? Start here!


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