9 Awesome Ways To Empower Yourself This Week

Having a boudoir photo shoot done is, of course, a fantastic way to empower yourself and embrace the beautiful badass that you are. But there are plenty of other smaller things you can do to empower yourself every day! (By “smaller,” I simply mean more convenient, accessible things that aren’t attached to a special occasion or part of a grand production, not less significant – because every act of self-empowerment you do is hugely significant.) Part of the guiding philosophy behind my work as a Providence boudoir photographer is that you deserve the chance to connect with your inner badass in all areas of your life. So, here are 9 ways to empower yourself this week—be sure to add them to your to-do list!


Help others

Doing good for other people does wonders for your own state of being. If you’re able to, help out a friend, family member, co-worker, significant other, acquaintance, or stranger in some way, shape, or form this week. You have gifts to offer the world, and realizing that is a huge step toward coming into your own power.


Take some selfies

Put on your favorite outfit, do your favorite makeup look (or try something totally new), and do your own mini impromptu photo shoot at home! This is especially a great one to do if you’ve been feeling kinda down in the dumps recently. Feel free to post your selfies on Instagram if you’d like, but don’t get caught up in likes and comments—remember that this is about you, raising yourself up & showing yourself some love.


Write down 5 long-term and 5 short-term goals

Did you know you’re actually statistically more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down? There are few things in life more empowering than accomplishing a goal, and when you start focusing on and thinking about your goals more regularly, you set yourself up for success. So, go ahead and get them on paper, or use pictures from magazines to make a cut-and-paste vision board if that’s more your style!




Meditation is sooo powerful. Centering yourself and quieting your mind gives you the ability to let go of things that no longer serve you. And to make it so that those things no longer have power over you. I have made meditation a daily priority, and I have definitely reaped the benefits. If you’ve never tried it before, it’s super easy to get started! There are thousands of free guided meditations on YouTube, or you can download the free Guided Mind app, which allows you to browse meditations by topic.


Nurture your hobbies

You know, those things you love doing, that make you feel deeply connected to who you are at your core. Dedicate some time to those this week! It’s not even just fun & happiness that you get from pursuing your hobbies; it’s also just the fulfillment of having something that’s 100% yours.


Get moving

It’s no secret that exercise has both physical and mental benefits. Even if it’s hard to get started, you will feel so good about yourself if you carve out even just a little bit of time this week to get your body moving.


Affirm out loud

Look in the mirror and state these affirmations out loud:

I am strong.

I am worthy.

I am in control.

I am capable of creating the life I want.

I accept myself the way I am.

I will never stop growing.

My thoughts and feelings matter.

The more you say these things to yourself, the more you will internalize these beliefs! (Of course, feel free to add your own affirmations to this list, too.)



Make a list of things you like about yourself

What better way to empower yourself than by thinking about all the things that make you awesome?


Do something alone (go shopping, go to the movies, go to a fitness or wellness class, go to a community event, etc)

It can be incredibly freeing to just go do something you’ve been wanting to do, without having to wait for or rely on other people to accompany you. Go take that class, go see that movie, go have that experience. You deserve it.


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