Julia’s Boudoir Experience

I believe you deserve to feel more beautiful than you ever thought possible—it’s a huge part of the driving force behind my work. I know what it’s like seeing a photo of yourself and hardly being able to believe that it’s actually you staring back. And I love being able to give that feeling to other people! That’s exactly what happened when Julia saw her images during her reveal session. Check out her full story here!


I decided to do a boudoir shoot because I’m getting married and I thought it would be a nice gift for my new husband! Also I have always had self-image and self-love issues so that photo shoot was an amazing way for me to boost my confidence. I didn’t think it would help me feel as beautiful as it did. It was a great thing for the both of us!

I definitely didn’t know how to feel about the idea at first. I kept thinking about it for a while then I talked to my fiancé about it. He and my bridesmaid both said I should do it and it would probably help me feel better about myself. Anyone that I felt comfortable enough to talk to about it absolutely loved the idea.


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I went into Adam and Eve in Seekonk with my fiancé as a part of a date night. I saw the bridal lingerie and decided to ask him to wait in the car that way I could buy it and surprise him on our wedding night. An associate from the store helped with sizing and pointing me in the right direction. I also had a manicure and pedicure shortly before the photo shoot. On the way to the photo shoot I jammed to some amazing music and drove with the windows down.

During the photo shoot I had a blast! I could see my look coming to life and I felt more and more beautiful and confident as everything came together. I was completely blown away when I saw what I looked like. I honestly couldn’t believe it was me I saw in the mirror. I hadn’t ever felt so good about myself. I still feel good about myself. That “oh my God I can’t believe this is me” confidence gave me a bounce in my step and still does from time to time. I can’t choose a favorite part because I loved every second of it. My top 2 favorite parts of the shoot would have to be “the reveal” (seeing yourself completely done and dressed) and posing for the photos. I still feel like a work of art.

I absolutely loved working with Ari. She’s very nice and a lot of fun!! She never made me feel uncomfortable, even asked permission to touch me before helping me go into a pose. She is absolutely someone that deserves to be in this profession. Whether you’re new to this or returning Ari is great at all types of photography in general. All you need to know if you’re considering Ari is get ready to have a great time!

After I saw my images I was speechless. I still couldn’t believe I was looking at myself. My confidence went through the roof and I still feel better about myself. I wear the crop tops and shorts with no shame!! Everyone around me noticed the mood change. I love the reactions a few close people to me had. I haven’t shown my fiancé yet because I plan on gifting these to him on our wedding night but I’m sure when he sees them he will love them too!



I definitely recommend doing a boudoir shoot to anyone in general. It’s an amazing confidence booster and it’s soooo fun! My shoot changed my entire perspective on myself.


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