Why I Shoot Boudoir Photography: A Little Piece Of My Story

I realized pretty early on in my photography journey that I loved forming connections with like-minded people through my work. I loved creating not just beautiful art, but an amazing experience all around for my subjects. And I loved helping people discover their inner beauty, just as other photographers had done for me in the past. I realized boudoir photography was the perfect way to combine all of those passions, while also letting my creativity run wild!

I started out shooting more creative/fashion-y type portraits, and at first, it didn’t even really occur to me that I could be empowering people or boosting their confidence through my work. It often seemed as though the people who got in front of my camera were just doing it for fun. I wanted to bring it to a deeper level than that. I wanted to provide an experience that could be really transformational, that could make people feel beautiful in a way they never had before. Because I knew firsthand how powerful having amazing photos of yourself could be for your confidence—especially if you grew up hating certain parts of your body, like I did. 


That’s me during my first shoot! Photo credit: John Gregson

My journey into boudoir

Honestly, it was the pandemic that really inspired me to shift directions with my photography. I found myself losing the confidence I’d worked so hard to build, and it quickly became clear to me that other people were feeling that way too. I started thinking about how many people had gone through some type of confidence-shaking experience in their life. And I thought about how important it was to remember during those times that you truly are a beautiful badass who can do anything. The whole boudoir experience, and the beautiful products you receive afterwards, can really, truly help to restore that feeling.



The boudoir experience

To me, boudoir is about so much more than the photos themselves. I’ve already talked a little about the experience I want to create for people. You know what that means? I want my clients to have so much fun, from the minute they walk in to the moment they leave. I want to create a safe, welcoming, empowering space where you are free to be yourself, where you are free to be vulnerable and open up about your insecurities without fear of judgment. My clients typically start to loosen up while getting their hair and makeup done. We chat, get to know each other, and start to become friends. By the time they see themselves all done up, they’re already feeling amazing. Then the actual shoot begins. I lead them through the first pose and then show them the back of my camera, and almost always get an enthusiastic “OH MY GOD!” It’s the best feeling in the world, for both of us. And then I get to see their jaws drop again during their viewing session. They can’t believe it’s actually them in the photos—but it is! (Wanna connect with other lovely ladies who’ve had the boudoir experience? Click here to join my Facebook group!)



What you really get from your boudoir session

I once had a client tell me a few weeks after her session, “Ever since my boudoir shoot, I’ve been walking around with a kind of confidence I never knew I could have.” That’s what it’s all about—the transformation. And if you ever start to lose that feeling—a month after your session, three months after your session, six months after your session, three years after your session, ten years after your session—you can look back at those photographs and see yourself feeling exactly the way you’ve always wanted to feel: Like a powerful goddess. You can return to that feeling any time.

You can remember that you had an experience where you celebrated your body and felt proud of your true self. Despite any part of yourself you ever saw as a flaw or a less-than-perfect feature, you can remember that your body is still worthy of so much love. And honestly, that’s priceless.




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