Emily’s Boudoir Experience

If you know me at all, you know that I love hyping people up and boosting their confidence—it’s a huge part of the reason why I started boudoir photography in the first place! And it always warms my heart to hear that I’ve actually made a lasting, positive difference in the way a client views herself. So it almost brought me to tears when Emily shared her feelings about her boudoir experience with me. Check out her story!


I personally wanted to do a boudoir shoot for a self confidence boost! I had heard so many talk about how empowering it is, and I’ve never been super comfortable with my body, yet I’ve worked so hard to get my body to a point where I’m confident.

I almost always feel a little nervous before my shoots. I always get the feeling of “what if I have a day where I’m bloated or my makeup doesn’t want to cooperate?!” However, I also get really excited because I know in the end, I’m going to love the results and feel beautiful anyway. All reactions I had to doing a boudoir shoot were extremely positive! I’ve had friends ask for advice before their own shoots now as well. Even after showing some photos to a few close friends, I’ve had nothing but positive comments!

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I’m not very girly, I’ll start with that, but when prepping for my photo shoot I LOVED planning out my makeup. Once I booked the shoot, I used Pinterest for inspiration on cute covers to do less scandalous pictures to start, and then hair and makeup inspo! The day of my shoot I woke up fairly early to get ready and make sure I was feeling confident before leaving the house, and I put on music that gets me hyped and feeling good about myself! (ETA: The Session Guide you’ll receive after your consultation will be super helpful in planning your look, and your pre-session questionnaire will ask about your music preferences so you can jam out and have a blast during your shoot too!)

My experience with Ari was amazing! I always feel a little nervous, but she always guides your poses and always gives positive feedback between every pose and every shot. She captured what I’d consider my best angles for sure and made sure I was comfortable before doing a wardrobe change or in certain poses and reassured me that I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to – pose-wise and outfit-wise. I absolutely had a blast! We listened to great music and laughed the whole time! My favorite part was how confident I felt and how confident Ari made me feel throughout!



Fast forward to the Viewing & Ordering session afterwards…

My photos: OH MY GOD! I loved them! Ari captured the perfect lighting! I had the hardest time picking my favorite images, I felt I looked happy and strong in all of them. I felt so beautiful and happy with the results. My boyfriend told me how beautiful they were as well. I’m so picky with my own flaws but in any photo I chose as a favorite, I couldn’t see any.

Ari is incredibly talented, personable, respectful, and understanding. One of my biggest concerns when working with a boudoir photographer is that I’m extremely private with my body, as I have many people on my social media that I don’t want to see my images (for personal/work related reasons) and I always let a photographer know that. Ari was so understanding of this! She very much so respected that!

The talent behind this woman is incredible. I’d tell another woman to absolutely hire her as their boudoir photographer as she guides you through the process, ensures you’re comfortable, and boosts your self confidence! She makes sure she captures the best angles and lighting and the photos are nothing short of perfection. You’ll forget every flaw you ever thought you had during your viewing session.

I’d ABSOLUTELY recommend a boudoir shoot for anyone and everyone. The feeling of self confidence that comes over you on the day of your shoot and the day you see your photos is insane. Everyone deserves to feel that beautiful and happy and excited about their body. Especially because our bodies work so hard for us, body positivity is so important in mental health and even our physical health. We all deserve to feel beautiful and happy in our own skin, and boudoir will absolutely do that for you.


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